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So, these are the first of the incredibly talented people I did narrator illustrations for on the Creepypastanetwork forums. 

From top to bottom:

KaylaChaos [Youtube]

TheDarkUnicorn [Youtube]

CreepyZalgo [Youtube]

Professor Creep [Youtube]

All of these guys are great and you should check them out if you can’t get enough of creepy stories.

And now a word from our sponsor…

I just wanted to say thankyou to all the people brave enough to let me illustrate their persona. I tried very hard to find things I struggled with in each image and work on it, so these guys were, in effect, guinea pigs.

I hope you guys enjoy having pictures of the people you embody so well as much as I enjoyed making them.

Your reward is a bad photo of me holding up a sign.

Your Reward is a grainy photo of me holding up a sign

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